3 Easy Breakfasts

I don’t like to think too much in the morning. And I wake up really hungry. So I eat these breakfasts roughly 87% of the time. They are easy with the children, too.

  • Cereal with Fresh Fruit. I usually buy Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Life, or Shredded Wheat. The fruit is usually a banana. Strawberries and blueberries are a special treat from the grocery store. Raspberries are a special treat from our garden.
  • Yoghurt with Muesli. Plain, whole milk yoghurt. I buy Bob’s Red Mill Muesli.
  • Oatmeal with Nuts and Dried Fruit. Quick oats cooked on the stove. Usually chopped walnuts or almonds. Usually dried cranberries or raisins. I’ll usually drop in a little swirl of honey, too.

And that’s it.

When I’m feeling ambitious and have the time, I like to pancakes. I make them from scratch because it’s really easy — and then I just use stuff in my cabinets instead of buying another product. I usually serve them with eggs fried over-easy. Sometimes I serve them with chocolate chips. ^_^

Other times I will do eggs with toast. It’s one of my favorite breakfasts, actually, but I really don’t make it that much. It’s a little tougher to the little kids to eat. Maybe that’s what makes it so special for me. Because my favorite favorite is when Andrew let’s me sleep-in in the morning and he makes breakfast for everyone and it’s over-easy eggs with toast. Delicious.

Yes, but usually I keep it to the three listed above. I don’t get tired of them because there are lots of ways to change it up with each item. Easy preparation and clean-up is a big plus-side, too.

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