6 Benefits of Quietude

Quietude isn’t talked about much outside of meditation, but I think there are benefits to it, even in a passive and unstructured manner.

I’m talking about the kind of quietude that comes from natural surroundings, even if the noises that are present aren’t completely natural. I’m not saying you have to be deep in the forest or on the top of a mountain to appreciate quietude. I’m thinking more along the lines of turn off the music/tv/radio, log off of social media/mass media/niche media, stop reading/listening/skimming/consumingstop looking at your damn phone — just slow down the amount of information coming in so that you can let your mind slow down, too.

I’m encouraging the kind of quietude you can find anywhere. Just sit in a waiting room without checking your phone or flipping through a magazine. Just wash as you stand over that pile of dishes in the sink. Just drive while you’re in your car (or just passenge). Just stand outside your house. Just lie in bed.

Just be in the moment.

Here are a few benefits:

  1. You don’t really have to think about anything. You’ll go on breathing and not falling over — I mean, unless you have some sort of condition for that sort of thing.
  2. If you are not saying anything, you cannot say anything stupid.
  3. If you are not taking anything in, you will not feel any stress induced by disagreement, worry, or misunderstanding.
  4. More focus — on something in particular or nothing at all.
  5. It is truly relaxing.
  6. It is simply pleasurable. At least, I personally find it to be so.

So go forth and make an effort to enjoy some quietude today.

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