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September 2017

22 Simple Pancakes

20 Discarding How I Track My Spending

17 The Horse Who Wouldn’t Nap – A Short Story

12 Journaling as Self-Care

10 The Cat in the Garden – A Short Story

8 The End of the Year Book Tag

5 Capsule Makeup Update

3 Milo & Mira and the Lost Bunny – A Short Story

August 2017

30 I Cut My Own Hair!

27 Wonder Walk – A Short Story

24 Why I Write

22 My Complete Capsule Wardrobe

18 When Are Clothes “Worn Out”?

4 My Minimal Shoe Collection

July 2017

25 Letting Go of Old Friends

15 There’s More Than One Way to Be Happy

13 How to Go Places and Do Things With Kids

9 Letting Go – Maternity Clothes

7 When to Be Serious and Silly

June 2017

25 What’s In My Hospital Bag for Baby #3

23 How to Write

21 Sun Tea in 4 Easy Breezy Steps

18 Making Every Day a Good Day with My 5 “Daily Do’s”

15 Changing the Way I Track My Spending

8 The Fear of Downsizing… My Computer

2 Some Book Club Thoughts

May 2017

24 Buying vs. Borrowing Books

11 Check In – 2017 Reading Resolutions

4 Capsule Wardrobe – Maternity Edition

April 2017

20 Making Religious Holidays My Own

15 The Outfit On Which I Consistently Get The Most Compliments

12 Life Is A Series Of Unfortunate Events, But It Can Still Be Enjoyed

March 2017

29 The New Era of Shopping for Children’s Clothes

14 Cooking

5 My Minimal Cookbook Collection

2 Debt Feelings

February 2017

26 9 Easy Ways to Watch Less TV

21 Children and TV | Minimalist Kids

17 What Happens When Our Children Watch Certain TV Shows?

9 Some Thoughts on Minimal Privilege

3 Dealing With Overwhelm

January 2017

25 My Bullet Journal

21 Not Reading Less, But Reading Better

20 Sweet Talk: Where Am I Now?

19 Sweet Talk: My 6 Week Sugar Journal (9/16-10/16)

18 Sweet Talk: My Battle With Sugar

16 The Importance of Rest

3 Night Out – A Short Story

2 2017 Reading Resolutions