Capsule Wardrobe | Having a Personal Uniform

Project 333 enabled me to learn a lot about my wardrobe and how I wear clothes. I learned that I like a lot less options in my closet — it makes it much easier for me to make outfit decisions in the morning. The more I thought about and researched capsule wardrobes, the more that the idea of having a uniform appealed to me.

Wearing the same thing every day is taboo. That’s a general statement, but I certainly feel it and I think a lot of other people in America do too, judging by what my friends, family, acquaintances, social media, and mass media say and do regarding the subject. But why?

School children wear the same thing every day. Millionaires and entrepreneurs wear the same thing every day. The president wears the same thing everyday. Even fashion designers wear the same thing every day. And they are happy and successful!

I wanted a uniform, too. But I didn’t know if I could wear the same thing every day. I live a fairly active life in an area with a pretty diverse climate. I want getting dressed to be easy, but I want my clothes to work for me, whether I am changing diapers, behind the desk at work, going for a family bike ride, camping, or having tea on a cozy afternoon with friends.

Instead of having a strict uniform where I would wear the exact same thing every day, I decided on a set of rules for my clothes — a framework that can include a variety of different pieces, but that all follow specific guidelines so I’ll know that I will look good and feel comfortable in whatever pieces I end up putting together.

The main frame is based around colors. I decided to wear only blue (preferably dark) or black (possibly dark grey) bottoms. And blue or “sand” tops. I am very lenient with my “sand” option. Since it’s a neutral, I will have anything from light tan to greyish tan, from “pink sand” to brown. I have a variety of blue shades in my tops as well. Blue or sand — any shade as long as I like it! I have dresses that mix several of my chosen shades.

Accent colors make it into my wardrobe as well, such as white stitching or color blocking, coral flowers, or reddish plum mixed with blue knits, to give a few examples. Most of my accents will fit on a color spectrum between blue and red/light pink, and are leftover from pieces I owned before I decided on this “uniform”. It is easy to fit these accents in, since the rest of my wardrobe is designed simply.

Getting dressed is easy. Sometimes I do wear the same thing for most of the week (especially if the weather is consistent). If anyone notices, they aren’t bothered by it, despite the taboo — or at least they don’t say anything about it. I do not feel hindered or limited at all. I have pants, shorts, skirts, tanks, tees, sweaters, and dresses. I have everything I need and I feel free. I found something I like and I’m going to stick with it for as long as I continue liking it.

I have so many options for how I spend my time. I want my family and fun experiences to be a priority, not dressing and shopping. Limiting my wardrobe helps me to accomplish that.


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