Change is Scary | Switching Jobs

I recently took a new position within the network of my employer. This means I will be leaving the department, and even the building, in which I spent the last 8 1/2 months working. I am both happy and sad for this switch.

I am happy because my new position requires me to be away from my family for less time, is slightly closer to home, and is in a generally calmer environment. Those reasons may not seem appealing to anyone else — they wouldn’t have even appealed to me at a different time in my life — but I truly believe that those conditions will be better for my well-being and, thus, performance in all areas of my life right now.

I am sad because my old position was fun and exciting and I learned a ton of great things while there. The support I received from the staff there was amazing. Even though I only spent 8 1/2 months with them, I feel quite quite close to a lot of the coworkers in my department.

The hardest part of switching is leaving my friends behind. I don’t want them to think that I didn’t like it there or it wasn’t good enough. Although, I suppose I am taking this new position because it is better for me. But better for me on a completely personal level. How should I say it… it’s not them, it’s me. ^_^

I want them to know that I enjoyed it, that I grew as a person there, and that I felt extremely welcome being a part of their team. But I am also looking forward to working less so I can focus on taking better care of myself and my family. And I am soooooo happy that I will have a couple of evenings off to spend with my husband!

Change is scary because it means something different is happening. Disrupting routines and meeting new people and learning new things can be difficult. And when it happens fast (like this instance!), it can be even harder to adjust.

Other people may not like it. Even I may not like parts of it. But I must remind myself that this is my life, I am not here to solely please others, and I have to take actions on what best supports my values. And it seems that most difficulties that arise in situations like this help us to grow more as people anyway. Am I right?


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