Heidi, Exploding

After pursuing minimalism for a few years now, I want to shift my attention from focusing on less (stress, clutter, to-do items, goals, appointments, clothes, gadgets, etc.) and start focusing on MORE. Specifically, more joy. I want to celebrate each day with the reckless abandon of a child. To fully live in each day instead of seeing it as a mundane drudgery to get through. To have fun and be silly. To be creative and not worry about what that means.

I am currently listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic and am loving it. She is really inspiring me to let myself be inspired. By life, you know? To have fun with my creativity, my writing, without the fear of getting it published or what other people may think. To let the genius work through me. To not stifle myself to conform to what I think I’ve grown up into.

I have been very careful on this blog, trying not to offend anyone. One of the biggest joys in my life has been my journal. I’ve written about it before. It’s had such a huge impact on my life, maybe because the habit of writing about my days put me in the habit of thinking about my days and living my days, instead of my days rushing by or even idly floating by. I wrote about angst and events and interesting thoughts and, what I thought were, insanely witty observations. It was so much fun.

I want to let my inner self explode again. I want to let my creativity flow. I want it to burst. I want to write everyday. And, this time,  I want to share it. Aaaaaaaaaaa!

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