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Hello, Heidi here. I see you’ve noticed I’ve started a blog. That’s nice. Thanks for visiting.

There are several definitions in the dictionary for the word “compose”. I have named this blog Heidi, Composing because I’d like to touch upon each of the definitions, with writing and action, and document my thoughts about it all here on this blog.

Side Note: Where did the word “blog” come from anyway? I feel like I knew at one point, but now I forget. Something log. Bio log? Bit log? Binary log? Bored-time log? Will look into this later.

Later… Google search for “origin of the word blog” shows weblog –> blog. Shortening of weblog. 1990s. Duh, Heidi. Weblog! The world went from web log to we blog. Seriously. There is a ridiculous amount of blogs out there today. Even I have one.

Anyhoobastank. Back to the definitions of “compose”.

1. write or create (a work of art, esp. music or poetry) I like to write. More specifically, I like to write stories. In the second grade I wrote a school paper on how I wanted to be the youngest published author ever by getting published in the second grade. I’m a little behind on that, but am still working on (slowly, ever so slowly) getting something published.

2. constitute or make up (a whole) I am a part of this world, part of this universe. This will serve as a reminder to myself that I am not the only person in the universe, that it is not me against the world, or this group, or that people. I am a part of the whole or this world. We are all in this life at this time together. And I intend to do what I can to make it nice and pleasant.

3. calm or settle (oneself or one’s features or thoughts) I’m embracing the idea of simplifying through minimalism. I am focusing on un-cluttering my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states so I can better enjoy each of them. With a clear and calm exterior and interior, I believe life can be more enjoyable and more fulfilling.

4. prepare (a text) for printing This definition relating to the blog title might be a bit too obvious to solicit explanation. Although, I suppose printing isn’t the same as publishing to a website, eh? Okay, so yeah. I’m going to write stuff.

So that’s basically what I have planned for this blog and generally what you can come to expect. Pretty vague, I know. But that’s the beauty. No pressure for me. 🙂

So I guess that’s it for now. Until next time…


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