I Believe in a Thing Called Positivity

I’ve been through a couple rough patches in the last weeks. Being depressed and tired and moody and just… bleh. More than bleh. Ugh. Even mmmmbblllleuggghhhhh.

I wanted to get out of that funk. A mood funk is not like music funk. Music funk is fun. Mood funks are… mmmmbbllleeuuggghhhhh.

I thought a good way to get out of it would be to… how do I say this? Find some religion. No. But nurture my spiritual side. Everyday life is mundane. We eat and sleep and poop and take care of all that needs to be taken care of to survive, but we often neglect our higher self or spiritual well-being.

I explored a few avenues of spirituality that I believed was best suited to my lifestyle, but they didn’t end up working for me. I won’t go into it to much, but instead will just jump right to the conclusions.

jump to conclusions

I’m not good with idols or gurus or talismans. I like nature — I feel at peace when “communing” with nature, i.e. doing nothing while just being near or in it. But living a life in the modern world, I don’t always have the time or situational circumstances to be out in nature when I need a little connection to the universe.

So I started a journal. (Again.) One where I can complain without burdening my family and friends (especially my huz), wonder and blather on about things that no one else I know will find interesting (which is the better pencil? Dixon Ticonderoga or Staedtler Norica? This guy knows. And cares.), and, most of all, where I can appreciate all the good stuff in my life. Because there is always good stuff, no matter how crappy I’m feeling.

I don’t always complain or commiserate, but every day I practice gratitude. Every day I make a list of any simply nice or extravagantly wonderful thing that graced my day. I don’t think I’ve every thought of less than three in a day. Usually I can think of more, but I just get tired and want to sleep rather than continue the list. Depends on the day.

But this practice of gratitude, of being grateful for anything (not even near everything) has helped improve my mood exponentially. It’s a personal reminder to just think positively about my life. Daily.

Taking the time to think of things to be grateful for everyday puts me in the practice of thinking that way all the time. Instead of being a pessimistic naysayer, I begin to automatically look on the bright side of things. And even if there are that many bright things, or they’re not that bright, but putting my focus on them puts the crap things in the background. So then they don’t bother me as much.

Gratitude and positivity are a way of life for me. I did it a lot in more years ago (before adult life got in the way) and it affected myself and others in a positive way. I made life better! For myself and others. It’s contagious. When I was a teenager working as a pizza delivery driver, one regular customer told me if I could bottle my happiness, I’d be a very rich person. I remember that compliment because it was one of the best I’d ever received. Not because of riches, but because he saw in me a potential to spread happiness. Who doesn’t want happiness? Everyone wants to be happy. And I could help propagate it!

Getting back to that way of thinking and appreciating has done wonders. It’s such a small and simple act, but that’s the great thing about it — it’s so easy! My mood has improved. My energy as increased. My love flows more freely. It’s a wonderful feeling. I recommend it to one and all.

Be positive and grateful and you will create your own happiness.


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