I’m Doing My Best

Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough.

I do things. I am a primary care-giving mother, a wife, a part-time library assistant, a homemaker. I am am avid reader and passionate about writing. And I’m currently pregnant. I feel exhausted a lot of the time.

My list of responsibilities always looks different. Despite the changes, I must remember that I am doing my best. I’m doing a lot, even if I can’t clean out the basement or re-finish that desk. I’m doing what I can and I’m doing my best.

Instead of getting down on myself for what I’m not doing, I can spend that precious brain power on being proud of all the stuff I did accomplish. That I am doing. Even the little things. Because they really do add up to a lot, if you think about it.

A simple shift of focus in my thoughts creates a much more pleasant environment for myself.

I’m doing my best.


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