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I dunno how to compromise about getting rid of stuff. I mean, is it even possible to compromise on something like that? You either keep it or get rid of it. Not much grey area in there.

I wish there was one fail-safe rule that we could follow. Like, if at least one person wants to get rid of it, it’s gone. Or if at least one person wants to keep it, it stays. Or if things had clear owners as opposed to being owned by no one and everyone. Or if it hasn’t been used by anyone in X amount of time, it’s gone. Or name one good reason and it stays. But things just don’t seem to be so cut and dry in my home. I mean, who decides what’s a “good” reason?

Maybe it is or could be so decisive in your home. And if you feel that’s the case, pick a rule and go for it! See how it goes. And let me know all about it!

Unfortunately, I’ve found so far that for us, the process for almost every shared item is unique. We usually disagree about something, discuss it, forget about it for a while, bring it up again, there’s some persuasion, perhaps we argue about it a bit, maybe forget about it again and repeat the persuasion bit, and then perhaps agree. Moooooostly, it is me trying to convince Andrew to get rid of something or other.

The one thing I have found quite effective — probably because it’s pretty difficult to make an argument about still needing the stuff — is gathering stuff up, putting it in a box labeled “stuff no one will miss” and the date, and stashing it out of the way somewhere (I use our attic). Eventually, we’ll see the box up there, months later, and feel pretty good about getting rid of that stuff. 97% of the time, I don’t even remember what was in the box, and I put it there myself. 98.5% of the time, Andrew never notices anything missing.

Aha. So I guess that’s the way for us then. The Stash-and-Trash, we’ll call it! Kazaa!

What’s your method to coming up with family minimalism solutions? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

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