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One thought on “Minimalism Resources

  1. Hey Heidi,

    this is Fabian from The Elementarist.

    We have discovered you through your Minimalism Resources Site and really enjoyed the selection of minimalist blogs you made.

    Some time ago, we have created The Elementarist, a minimalist lifestyle magazine that covers minimalist living, design and technology. Its goal is not to promote our view of minimalism but to evolve into a platform from minimalists for minimalist. Everybody is invited to contribute in order to offer inspiration and practical advice to both aspirant and veteran minimalists 🙂

    We would love to get your feedback on this project!

    It would also be great to get in a dialogue with you to see if we can create something together? And perhaps you could include us in your selection of minimalist resources, if you think that this could be of interest to your community?

    All the best from Germany,

    Veronika & Fabian

    fb. Elementarist
    tw. theElementarist
    ig. theElementarist
    cell. +49 151 27236354

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