November 2015 Recap

I won NaNoWriMo! I have officially written 50,086 words of my newest novel, tentatively titled Make It Here. And I did it in only 25 days (!) because I was preparing for my baby to come early. Alas, it did not. (Yet.) But I proved to myself that I can write even more than I thought, even with other responsibilities like parenting and work and redoing a bathroom. I am v. proud of myself. 🙂 I feel like even more doors of opportunity are now open to me as a writer.

I did not win the #MinsGame Minimalist Challenge this November. Honestly, writing a novel during NaNoWriMo was more important to me so that took priority of my time. And I am okay with this. Winning NaNoWriMo was super duper awesome and I have the rest of the year to meet the challenge of getting rid of 2,015 items in 2015. Well, that is only 31 days now… I’ll have to switch my focus to that for December. Clear out the crap to make room for the newest member of our family!

It hasn’t even been three whole days yet since I deleted my accounts and I’m already twitching to go on Facebook or Goodreads, just for something to do, just for the things to look at and read, just to see if there are any interesting links to click.

I must say, I am quite surprised by this craving I have. I didn’t think I was that dependent on those websites for when I had some boredom downtime. Maybe I didn’t have quite so much downtime before, but since Mo is at my parents this morning, I’m basically just sitting on the couch waiting to go into labor with this new baby.

My excuses for needing a distraction:
1. I’m so pregnant I am not physically able to do the stuff around the house that I want to get done. (Debatable. How physically fit do I really need to be to box up the clutter from the kitchen?)
2. I’m so pregnant I’m just sooooo uncomfortable doing anything but lounging on the couch. (I could write more books, I could edit my existing manuscripts, I could read a book or magazine… all while lounging on the couch.)
3. I deserve a lazy break. (Do I really think perusing Facebook and Goodreads is all that relaxing?)

What I could do instead:
1. Write a blog post. 🙂
2. Make a list of all the things I could do instead of going on Facebook or Goodreads.

Wow. Just thinking about that opens up a lot of options… Catch ya later.


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