Shopping Ban – Winter 2016 Update – Day 16

Wow, the days of this shopping ban are actually going pretty quickly. Now that it’s March, April 11 seems a lot closer.

I will admit, we did buy that pizza for dinner after my last update. And since then I’ve bought prepared food two more times — both within the last two days while my husband was away on a business trip. I was left at home with a two month old and a two year old. I don’t even think I showered during those three days. I don’t blame myself for not preparing home-cooked meals from scratch each of those days. Because I still haven’t really figured out some quick, lazy, and satisfying meals for those quick, lazy, and hectic times.

Rice with vegetables is good, but can get dull if repeated too much. These one pot meals are super cool, but being a mostly vegan family, our options are pretty limited on that website. I’ve thought about stocking some frozen pizzas in our freezer, but I think the vegan versions can be pretty costly and unsatisfying. I’m working on it.

Besides consumables, I’ve been doing pretty well with the shopping ban. I considered buying another crib sheet again — and even checked them out at the store when I was there buying laundry detergent — but the flowchart really helped.

I’ve still got over 2/3 to go, but I’m feeling good. Things have actually proven to be pretty easy to pass up (unlike fooooooood). It’s comforting to know that things will still be available at the store if I need them after the shopping ban — or even later.


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