Shopping Ban – Winter 2016 Update – Day 4

Okay, this is hard. It’s only been 4 days and I find myself thinking of things to buy every day.

Yesterday we bought Taco Bell for lunch. We didn’t need to. But I was super tired, it was getting late (for lunch), and my husband agreed. Usually whenever my husband is down for take-out I go for it because it’s a rarity for him — I feel like I need to seize those moments. Besides — I totally forgot that I was even doing a shopping ban! At that point, I was just hungry and since my husband paid, I didn’t see my notecard in my wallet.

I’ve been thinking the house could use another crib sheet. My husband is shopping for compostable wooden toothbrushes online right now. I want pizza for dinner. And WE DON’T NEED ANY OF THOSE THINGS. Not to mention that I’m constantly thinking about things that need to be added to the grocery shopping list. But I guess that’s just how we are programmed to think. What can we acquire, what can we acquire, what can we acquire?

I wonder if, by the end of this shopping ban, I will be able to go a whole day without thinking about buying something.

After 4 days, April 11th is looking even further away.


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