Shopping Ban – Winter 2016 Update – It’s Over

I didn’t make it to April 11th without buying anything — I bought a new pair of jeans and a new pair of shoes on Sunday — but I don’t feel like I’ve failed.

I went 51 days without buying anything for myself — and that’s just since I started counting. I think the only thing I bought myself before that was a new pair of boots I really needed and even that was about 4 months ago.

I’ve realized that I don’t shop more than I need to. Not anymore. I used to, before “becoming a minimalist”. But now I think I’ve got it under control. I don’t buy any more things than the things I need. I don’t even have a book buying problem anymore.

What I do have a problem with is how much I buy prepared food instead of making it for myself. And even that isn’t terrible, but I do try.

I’m glad I did the shopping ban to find this out. That’s why I didn’t feel like it was necessary to wait 7 more arbitrary days before buying the jeans and sneakers that I chose. I needed them and thought a lot about which ones I was going to buy. I started using them right away (I changed into the sneakers before we even left the outlet mall) and have used them everyday since. They were a smart purchase.

I guess that’s why Cait Flanders sets up an approved shopping list for herself because to live is to consume. If I had made an approved shopping list for myself, a new pair of shoes and jeans definitely would have been on it.

I just want to stay away from excessive consumerism. And I think I’ve already been doing a good job with that. I don’t need to prescribe myself with a shopping ban as long as I make conscious and conservative decisions. Using this chart helps (since it also allows for my jeans and shoes purchases):


I just need to get better practice at using this chart when it comes to food. That will be by next project.

Until, then… Enjoy!

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