The Spider and the Butterfly

Early one morning, Stella the spider decided she needed a new web. She had been using her old one for over two weeks now and it was looking a bit ragged. The recent rainy weather and latest bugs caught destroyed more sections than she cared to fix. A fresh start would be fun and reviving. She finished off the rest of her food and had a nice drink of water so she would be energized for her task. Then she began to work.

On a nearby bush, Tyrone the butterfly was just waking up from his metamorphosis. His chrysalis was beginning to crack and open. Soon, he was able to spread his brand-new wings for the very first time. They were purple and green and a little fuzzy. He thought they were beautiful and couldn’t wait to try flying with them.

Stella was busy, busy, busy spinning, spinning, spinning her intricate web. She paid a lot of attention to the construction so it would be strong.

Tyrone wasn’t very good at flying just yet. He was dipping and flipping and making turns that surprised even him. He was going to need more practice.

Just as Stella was finishing up a corner of her new web, Tyrone flew by and stumbled right into it, ripping it down from between the sturdy branches where Stella had been working. Her web had been strong, but not strong enough to survive a crash with a fully grown butterfly.

Tyrone landed in a heap on the soft moss that covered the ground. Stella was jostled from her perch and she, too, went tumbling to the ground and landed next to Tyrone. Tyrone’s fuzzy wings were covered in the silky, sticky webbing that had just been part of Stella’s beautiful creation.

She was stunned for a moment, surprised to find herself on the ground, a string of webbing still connected her to her web up above. She shook her head in surprise, and when finding her bearings, spotted Tyrone.

“You!” She shouted.

Tyrone looked up at the spider and was immediately filled with guilt.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to ruin your web. I didn’t mean to disrupt you at all. I’m new to flying, see? And I’m not very good at it yet. I didn’t have control there for a moment.”

Stella took a deep breath to calm herself. “I am very upset that my new web is ruined. I’ve been working very hard on it all day.”

“I’m sorry,” Tyrone said again. He wiggled and twisted to remove the silky web from his wings, but it stuck in places. “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Stella sighed. “No, I’m afraid not. Only a spider can spin her own web. I’ll just have to start all over again.”

“You… you’re not going to eat me, are you?” Tyrone asked.

“Oh, no,” Stella laughed. “I don’t eat butterflies.”

“Oh,” Tyrone looked relieved. “I’m glad to hear that. Do you know the best way for me to get this web off of my wings?”

“Hmm,” Stella said. “Probably just a good fly around. The wind should help blow it off. And anything else will be washed away with the next rain.”

“Thank you,” said Tyrone. “Thank you for the advice, even though I ruined your web.”

Stella sighed again. “It was a lot of work. I am very disappointed it’s gone. But there isn’t anything else to be done about it now. I just have to start working again.”

“I’m sorry,” Tyrone said again.

“I appreciate your apology,” Stella said. “But now I should be getting back to work.”

Tyrone nodded as Stella started to climb the thin thread of her web back up into the branches.

“Oh, I know how you can help,” Stella said as she paused her ascent.

“How?” Tyrone asked, eagerly fluttering his wings.

“You can practice, practice, practice your flying,” she said. Tyrone smiled. “Keep practicing until you are an expert flyer who won’t crash into and destroy my web again.” Stella smiled, too.

“I will,” Tyrone said. “And I’ll be extra careful to keep a wide berth around you and your web.”

Stella climbed up to continue spinning her web again.

Tyrone jumped up to continue his spinning flight again.

They lived on, near each other, in peace.


The End

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