We Got A Christmas Tree!

Getting our Christmas Tree was so easy and enjoyable this year.

It was very, very cold so we did leave the children with their grandparents, but they are so young they don’t really care about picking out the tree yet. So it was just me and Andrew. And getting just two to agree can be tough enough!

But it went quite well this year. Andrew usually wants the biggest tree he can squeeze into our living room, but I prefer small trees that I can walk around without knocking into. This is our 4th tree that we got together so we were used to what the other expected and we compromised pretty well. Andrew agreed to a smaller size and I agreed that I couldn’t ask for much smaller than that.

So we got a medium tree with strong branches and a wonderful fragrance. It’s a Fraser fir, I believe. We borrowed my in-laws’ cargo van so tossing it in the back was easier than strapping it to a roof. And since it was small-ish, Andrew was able to carry it in the house and secure it in the stand with barely any help from me at all. Finally a year in which we didn’t need to hack off the top or bottom to fit the star! Or worry about it toppling over from its own weight.

We hung only 2 strings of lights — 1 white and 1 multi-color. Just enough sparkle to illuminate the tree’s natural beauty.

We  hung the ornaments as a family — Andrew and I taking turns helping Wingnut hang or holding Pigpen — while we listened to Christmas music. It was a wonderful evening. The tree is now the statement piece of our living room — right in the center. It’s beautiful and I love it. And keeping it simpler (i.e. smaller) this year, made the whole process easier and, thus, more enjoyable.

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